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Welcome to Asian Art Academy! We are Asian arts collectives that encourages self-expression through Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other kinds of oriental visual art. We believe that visual art is an essential part of any thriving community. We believe that arts lift the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of the global citizens. We collaborate with artists and artistic organizations in an effort to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas. We work to encourage a thriving community of artists and appreciation of art within Asian Art Academy. We facilitate classes, lectures, identifications, appraisals, exhibitions, trades, collections, and even live performances in an effort to enrich the lives of human beings. Asian Art Academy strives to unleash the artistic potential of every member, even investors who are looking for long term investment returns with application in other businesses.

We are always looking for volunteers. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by. Our doors are always open.

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Asian Art Academy
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About Us


Established in the year of 2012, Asian Art Academy (AAA) is a privately owned holding Artistic Institute located in the United States.  AAA has been formed by well established and internationally known Artists, Art Appraisers, Art Collectors, Antique Dealers, Researchers around the world. AAA has also established more than ten branch offices in the United States and China (Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing etc.), and managed its own Art Banks at locations around the world, in addition to hold various academic activities and art exhibitions.  AAA has been purchasing all kinds of Chinese paintings, ceramic works, jades, and treasures with premium cash!!! The most fantastic business prospect is that AAA had hired IT professionals to develop its own blockchain techniques in order to  decentralize artistic related business, and is going to issue its multiple tokens starting from January 01, 2018. 


Located about 30 minutes from Boston, 30 Minutes from MIT, and 30 minutes from Harvard University, the headquarter of Asian Art Academy began as an experiment by many other American Chinese art collectors and artists. These art collectors and artists noticed that there was a thriving underground in the Asian art collector's community, yet the community-at-large, including budding artists and children, were not aware of exhibits, performances, and educational opportunities. We realized that a unifying organization could bring the arts to Asian art collectors' community in a productive and inspiring way. They believed that an organization such as the Asian Art Academy would improve the quality of life of every one who is interested in learning Asian arts, identifying art works, and trades, especially at today's fast changing society.

As we mentioned before, AAA created a volunteer board to establish Asian Art Academy and within the beginning twelve short months, funding was in place to acquire our Shawseen River Mill location (see image in this page), where the world class private high school Philips Academy Andover is located. Fundraising and generous contributions from artists, Asian art collectors, businesses, and grants, were instrumental in creating Asian Art Academy. Asian Art Academy was not established to replace other galleries, art schools and  other arts groups, in fact, Asian Art Academy wants to provide a communal presence to help Asian art artists thrive, and unlock the artistic potential of all Asian arts lovers and collectors, and general investors.


Asian Art Academy is always looking for new students, new volunteers and new contributions, new investors. Visit CONTACT US page if you are interested in volunteering, or call (978) 590-1438.


Tianqi Wang, Ph.D., President. Dr. Wang is an avid Asian art collector and a business executive with a strong scientific and artistic background.  As a scientific illustrator, he has created thousands of insect drawings, many of which had been published in scientific magazines. He is also a water color and oil painting artist. As an expert in identifying Chinese paintings, Dr. Wang help hundreds of collectors to sort out their Chinese painting collections. Dr. Wang is also the founder who create the concept of Artbank Tokens through YI YUAN BAO Blockchain Token Management System, for example, a new wine brand called My Commander (酒司令 Jiu Si Ling in Chinese characters) , in combining artistic design had achieved huge success just in 30 days, and get more and more popular in China.

Junying Zhang, B.A. , Vice President.  Junying graduated from Shandong University, China. As former director of "Qilu Business Weekly" studio, director of brand planning department, Ms. Zhang has rich experiences in international cooperation, news report, business liaison, and art show etc. 

Jingsheng Zheng, Senior Advisor. Mr. Zheng is a business owner in the United States and People's Republic of China, he is also an art collector, a government certified auctioneer, and an artwork appraiser , especially in identifying Chinese antique artworks.

Alan Wu. CTO. Iconic Person in the IT industry in China. 

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Asian Art Academy
204 Andover Street, Suite 102
Andover, MA 01810



 Asian Art Academy (AAA) presents its own collections including master pieces from Song dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, and paintings created by Huang Binhong, Zhan Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Pu Ru, Li Keran etc.  

In the mean time, AAA supports the many fine Asian art artists and organizations. Follow the links below to learn more and support the arts and activities together with Asian Art Academy.

Asian Art Auction Companies


Art Institutions


Art Museums

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
Louvre Museum in Paris
British Muesum in London


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Artistic Venues

ArtExpo New York
Art Fact
Live Auctioneers

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Asian Art Academy
204 Andover Street, Suite 102
Andover, MA 01810


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